Aroniaberry--The Ultimate Superfood

Aronia Berries  – Don’t Let the Size Fool You.

(unassuming, aren’t they?)

Great things do come in small packages and the Aronia Berry is a shining example.  Juiced into our Cold-Pressed Energy, these tiny powerhouses rank the highest in antioxidants of any berry. They are also chock-full of nutrients like quercetin, quinic, minerals and vitamins.

Grown right here in the US, they are often called nature’s healer and protector because they have been proven to provide many health benefits including heart, eye, and urinary tract health.  Aronia is also a potent, natural anti-inflammatory. 

So we know that they are good for us, but how do they taste? Aronia Berries tend to have a bitter taste, with lots of tannins, like a red wine grape.  Therefore, when we juice them, we add organic blackberries to sweeten the taste.  And since most of the nutrients exist in the skin, we use the entire berry, so your body absorbs all the benefits of these tiny wonders. 

PS – Have a minute and want to learn a little more about Aronia Berries? Let’s check in with William & Dale at Bellbrook Berry Farm busy harvesting our organic Aronia.

With Wishes of Wellness,

Lisa Marie