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Your Cleanse

The What, How and Why: You will be receiving six juices per day for each day of your cleanse. Each bottle will be numbered in its ideal order of consumption.

Whether you choose to do a juice-only cleanse or add juices to your normal diet, for the best results, please refrain from alcohol, coffee, sodas, sugar and processed foods.

Take it From Them

“Garden of Flavor was truly a gift. It has been a great way to re-focus, re-energize, and re-establish a healthy holistic outlook for me and our whole family. Friends commented on how noticeably refreshed and “glowing” I felt, thanks to you and Garden Flavor. ”


Jing — Mom, Cleveland Heights

“I've just completed my first Garden of Flavor Cleanse and it was the very best gift I have given myself in many years. I feel, lighter, happier, my skin glows and I have so much energy! I'm looking forward to a daily Green Harmony until my next cleanse.”


Marilyn — Office Manager

Lisa Marie
About CEO and Founder Lisa Marie

Garden of Flavor founder Lisa is a Certified Holistic Educator through the State University of New York, SUNY Purchase College. She is also certified through the Lifestyle Medicine Institute in Loma Linda, California, as a Coronary Health Improvement Project program director, as well as a Raw Food Chef. She is certified in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University and is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City.

Contact Lisa

Call Lisa: (216)702-7991 or email her: